Turner Angus - Shelby Montana


Herd Sire - Paturn 76 of 321 27

Reg # 19039092 • View Pedigree on American Angus Association Website


The bull full of surprises.

When the 76 bull was born, he walked right up to me. I petted on him for a minute and then stabbed him in the ear. He has been mad at me ever since. I was surprised at his 90 pound birth weight. The Clova 27 cow always had little jackrabbit calves. As he grew I was surprised at the natural width he had and the extra length. He carries more bone than his maternal brothers and is very smooth in his joint structure with a tight foot and extra heel. { JMC 428 } He moves out like a stud horse, flows over the ground. A big long stride that tracks out well.

I was concerned about his disposition, so when working the bull calves I pinned him in a corner a couple times and he never ran over me. I figured if he was going to blow it would be at the AI stud, but Scott assured me he was a perfect gentleman.

I was shocked and unprepared when his calves started showing up 14 days early. I had no idea he would be a short gestation bull. His birth weights were a lot smaller than I anticipated, 60's and 70's. He did throw weight on cows with more birth weight, so I still don't trust him on heifers yet. The 2 heifers I used him on had birthweights of 68 and 70.

The 76 bull is not really linebred. 321 back to his granddam by 412. He has a lot of personality- arrogant and proud- like his father and brother { Paturn 57 }. He stamps his calves- they are all identicle. What really shocked me was he breeds better than himself. His sons are wider with a rounder rib than he was. They have heavy coarse hair with an early crest to their neck. His daughters are deep and angular with that broody look and have excellent structural balance. Possibly the best females I have raised. I will know for sure in about 3 years.

Paturn 76 son out of Clova 36 cow by Box 0 Outcross 9049


The sisters to Paturn 76, the 321 daughters, are all basiclly invisible. No fuss, no muss, no drama. In the spring I drive out, tag and weigh their calves and drive back to the house. They all have close to perfect udders, they are excellent mothers and they don't cause any problems. Unmeasurable traits that I put more value on than some number on a piece of paper.

The Paturn 76 bull is another huge step forward in quality in my breeding program. Now all I need is your help to prove him. Call about free semen on all my herd bulls.