Turner Angus - Shelby Montana


Paturn 05 of 81 54

AAA Reg# 16846136

    O C C Jose 638J (13498963)
  Paturn 45 of 638J 4-8 (14815744) T A Primrose 4-8 (12107390)
Paturn 81 of 45 23 (16175035)
  Missy 23 of 638J 64 (14338296) O C C Jose 638J (13498963)
    C A R Miss Tracker 637 (12614212)
    R R Daquantae 789E (12462818)
  Horse Butte 162 of 4811 (14049327) HBR Envious Blackbird 4811 (12229242)
Revella 54 of 162 310 (15205226)
  Revella 310 of 638J 01 (14815728) O C C Jose 638J (13498963)
    Car Miss Susie 070 (13653789)



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  • 4 months of age
  • 16 months of age
  • 2 years of age
  • 4 years of age
  • 5 years of age
  • Paul with Paturn 05"The Best bull to ever walk my pastures."


The best bull I've ever raised and the best bull to ever walk my pastures. A medium frame bull that is wide deep and long. Excellent bone, body structure, balance and doesn't have the faults of his ancestry. He is lap dog gentle and transfers that to his calves. He is linebred five generations which makes him highly prepotent, extremely fertile, and genetically superior to most all other cattle. He will dominate a mating on birth weight and is a true heifer bull.

He is an aggressive, but efficient, breeding bull - breeding 25 as a yearling, 43 of 44 at two years old, 54 of 55 at three years old, and 45 at four years old, with only a handful past 30 days calving.

Daughters: At calving his daughters were ALL calm and soft in their disposition. They were ALL excellent mothers who laid out with calves for 3 days, and they ALL had perfect square udders with 2/3 little finger teats. On the downside they milked down a little harder than I thought they would. I believe they have enough milk to take advantage of any extra rain or grass. I calved 14 daughters with 1 dink calf. The best 1st calf heifers I have ever raised. Call if you have any questions. -Paul





Paturn 05 daughter from an Indreland cow