Turner Angus - Shelby Montana


Herd Sire - Paturn 57 of 321 711

Reg# 18386945

The next bull in my linebreeding program. This bull widens out my genetic base by bringing in the Paturn 56 bull and the Horse Butte 162 bull. The Paturn 56 bull was the most powerful growth bull I raised. I saved a son, sold 56 and then the son got hurt so I lost this paternal line. I now am bringing it in on the maternal side. The most important thing this bull does is bring in the Primrose 4-8 cow. The 4-8 cow comes in twice though her son Paturn 45 and once through her only daughter Primrose 711. The 4-8 cow had 12 great calves while she was here and her daughter is better than she was. The 57 bull carries that extra length with a broad barrel chest and the best foot of any of my bulls. He was a pet as a calf and is very easy to work with. He will be a good heifer bull with added growth and with 4 of my best cows up close in his pedigree his daughters will be excellent.

*Semen Available

Paturn 57 as a 1 year old.

+0.3 +33 +57 +9




Fall 2019 - Sons of Paturn 57

Paturn 57 Sons


Paturn 57 Son